A. C. HALL Insulated Panel & Wall Skin Sales and Installation

Insulated Panels & Wallskins
We offer and sell Metl Span and Kingspan Brand Panels and Wall Skins: 2", 3", 4", 6", 8" thick and 26 gauge skins.

The R-Valve of these panels are as follows:
2" thickness, R-Valve 16, 4" thickness, R-Valve 33,
3" thickness, R-Valve 25, 6" thickness, R-Valve 49,

Each panel is a closed cell foam with a metal skin covering both sides. This metal skin is 26 gauge siliconized polyester with a mesa embossed profile.
We offer panels for an exterior or interior application and we install each panel according to MFG's guidelines and specifications.

We offer a 26 gauge skin panel that is the same profile as the panels except without the insullation. These skins are used to cover existing panels that are cosmetically damaged or rusted without going to the expense of replacing the panel.

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