A. C. HALL Your One Stop Welding and Cutting Repair Shop

Metal Fabrication Shop
Sheet Metal Shop

We offer a fully equiped Fabrication and repair shop!

We offer a fully equiped Sheet Metal shop

Whether you need a two minute repair done or equipment trailer built we can meet your needs!

We build trailers, Pig cookers, wrought iron hand rails, chimney caps, drip pans, etc... Whatever you need, we can build it!

We repair anything of metal from your tractor to your cooking pot and all in between!

We fabricate steel, stainless, aluminum, copper and galvenized sheet metal.

We have a 10' x 1/4" Hydraulic Sheet Metal Shear.

We have a 10' x 3/16" Hydraulic Sheet Metal Pan Brake

We offer 24 hour / 24/7 portable welding and repair service!
Call us when you need us! 910-285-2390

Regular service hours are 8am - 5pm Mon - Fri
For 24 hour emergency service call:
Dwayne Peterson 910-289-5330, Todd Peterson 910-284-0942 or
Metal Fabrication Shop: Beau Lovette 910-284-2622
Sheet Metal Shop: Carl Ward 910-284-7731

121 W. Southerland St. Wallace, North Carolina 28466 * Phone: 910-285-2390 Fax: 910-285-6932