A. C. HALL Window and Door Repair Center

Window and Door Repair Center
Residential or commercial window and door repair we're here to meet your needs!

We repair window and door screens. If you have a need for a new one we can meet that need in white, aluminum or brown.

We can cut glass, screen wire (fiberglass or aluminum) plexi glass ( .100, 1/8", 1/4")
We do door locks of any type. If your need is to install a new lock or just re-key your existing we can help you.

We have a certified/licensed Locksmith: Todd Peterson on staff!

You can bring the work to us or we will come to you. Whatever you door, door lock or screen need is let us help you, we will be there for you!

Licensed Locksmith: Todd Peterson 910-284-0942

121 W. Southerland St. Wallace, North Carolina 28466 * Phone: 910-285-2390 Fax: 910-285-6932